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Sai Tanvi Foundation Goals

  • To improve the excellence of education.
  • To make the education better by 2020.
  • To build a happy home.
  • To make everybody live happily with good ethics and morals.
  • To guide the students why he is learning any topic and where he is going to use it.
  • Short term goal is to make every Indian specially youth not to waste any time after their education and also make them happily lead their life.
  • Giving knowledge to the students in the school itself to set their minds towards meaningful education.

Who We Are

We are a Team of professionals in various fields and joined together in this (tree or umbrella) to serve the society.

Our goal is to make every student not to waste any time after his college.

So we give some important seminars in such a way that student can improve his capability and talent in the college itself to get a job. As a part of our foundation, we have very good speakers who accepted to serve at least 2days/month for the foundation without taking any money.

At the same time without collecting any external funds we are able to do these services because knowledge sharing does not require the money.

What We Do

We bring the IT Professionals to colleges to bring awareness about their Education levels in the following points through seminars:

  • Why we should learn something?
  • Where we are using these concepts in future?
  • How to learn anything?
  • What the company needs from the student?
  • How to interact with others?